William Roy Eckert

I am a contemporary painter in Colorado

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William Eckert unmistakably has the artist head on him.  His churning Artist mind recount his notes on living, revelations, boils, terrors and our roaring and engaging world.  He can dig deep in paint.  His works are talks of social studies, human landscapes rather than still lifes.
He has been a producing artist in Los Angles for 20 years. Another 10 years in Telluride ongoing. He started working in metal and copper in LA...his 10 in Telluride work in paint. Beginning with spray painting large format latex on canvas, then moving into large format, oil on canvas, seven years ago.
Upon gradkuating college in 1969 he enrolled at Suny New Paltz New York, taking courses in art history, pottery and photography for two years. After working in the film industry for 28 years in LA he retired and moved to Telluride building a 600 sq ft studio.  Bill continues to paint on a daily basis working oil on canvas in 40"x40" and 5'x5' formats.  He has honed his artist mind with his work and critical hand
About image
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